Jan 24, 2009

Matt and Pattye's Bedroom

Photos are courtesy of Katherine Bish.
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It has been fun working with Matt and Pattye to design their master bedroom and bathroom. Matt and Pattye are award-winning gardeners who open up their front and back yards each Spring to bus loads of people and the mayor of Creve Coeur. We picked up on their passion and created a garden inspired bedroom.

Art does not have to be on the wall. We have art in the pillows. Look at these beautiful botanical prints in fabric!

We created the color scheme around their existing rug.

My favorite element in the room is the dried pressed ferns under glass. Pattye cut ferns from her garden and pressed them. With a little feedback from me, Pattye found mat boards to coordinate with our color scheme and painted an existing white frame black. Matt arranged the ferns inside the frame. A real team effort!

We hung our window treatments on a large 3 inch rod. Most people might choose a smaller one, but we love how this rod balances with the other strong black furnishings in the room and really stands up to the strong graphic checked print window panels. The dresser in the above photo is a cherished family antique.

Matt Phillips is one of the owners of Ashley Furniture in St. Louis Missouri, so it was only fitting we use Ashley furniture! We used an armoire and chest from the Martini collection. I think the espresso finish against the golden walls looks striking. The lamps on the nightstands were also finds at Ashley Furniture.

Marianne Phillips, Matt's mother, painted the flower paintings hung above the chest.

Views in the bathroom also include a collection of meaningful items including found shells from a family trip and another painting by Marianne.

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Anonymous said...

Looks great, Dana!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Chickadee! - Guess who?

cybersib said...


Diana said...

Where's the comforter from?

Team House # 5 said...

Hi Diana,

The comforter was a custom made duvet. I am not sure those fabrics can be found again. However, any gold and red fabric you love can recreate the look. The comforter inside the duvet was an extra fluffy kind found at the Big Box stores like Bed Bath and Beyond.
Thanks for asking!

becky said...

It's amazing...I love everything!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

What a gorgeous Master suite!
Love those pillows!

Kimberly :)