Oct 2, 2008

Not Your Grandma's Wallpaper Part 5 -- LTLprints.com

I have shared wall-stickers before as part of my ongoing series: Not Your Grandma's Wallpaper. LTLprints.com provides a new take on this concept by allowing you to design your own wall-stickers.

Trish, LTLprints.com's PR Director explains:

"LTLprints.com is an online service that allows talented designers and everyday customers to submit their photographs and designs online, and we print the design in "larger than life" sizes. Our service allows for complete and total customization of each print. Simply upload your image, answer a few quick questions, and your print will be shipped in 72 hours!

LTLprints is a great solution for wall decoration. Customers can toss out the wallpaper and paint and start using personal designs and artwork! Parents can print pictures of their kids playing sports, instruments, or simply smiling and use them to design the room!

We are also in the process of developing a catalog for the website that I think your readers would find great interest in. When a designer or customer submits a design, they will have the opportunity to add the design to our public catalog. This allows for public exposure to their work and the opportunity to profit anytime their design or image is sold on our website. It's a great chance for talented artists and designers to get their work out there!"

Prices are affordable considering the drama and impact these ample sized stickers provide:

Larger Than Life: 82" x 52" (210cm x 130cm) 159.99

Over sized: 60" x 38" (150cm x 95cm)129.99

Standard: 38" x 24" (95cm x 60cm) 99.99

Check them out: LTLprints.com

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