Jul 25, 2008

New St. Louis Favorite -- Victoria Gray

Vintage design is not something I do a lot, but I think it would be fun. And now I know yet another resource in St. Louis for period pieces.

Victoria Gray specializes in vintage clothing and anything to do with the Victorian period. Check out her website -- click here -- where you can learn about estate sales, fashion shows and presentations.

This weekend there is an estate sale, really two in one.

Victoria says:This house is jammed with antique collectibles! So much so, that we'll have the first floor sale on Saturday July 26, 9-5 and Sunday July 27, 9-3. Then the second sale the following weekend for the basement, which is full to the gills!!! Saturday August 2, 9-5 and Sunday August 3, 9-3.

Learn more details from her website.


Niesz Vintage Home said...

Fun website and beautiful vintage clothing!
Victorian is a little older than most of my "vintage", but I could drool over the linens and laces all day. :)


Jen r. said...

HI Dana, I finally got over to you! I had a computer blog mishap and my blog addresss has changed slightly...I just popped you back on my blogroll... :) Jen R