Sep 22, 2007

Pendants - the new chandelier

You remember them, right? Your grandmother's home likely had them. Pendant lighting first emerged in the 11th century. It's more popular than ever now and the selection of styles is endless.

Designers love them as an alternative to recessed can lighting that can cut holes in your ceiling to look like swiss cheese. Ugly.

I snapped the above photo during a recent tour at the EXPO Design Center in Manchester, Missouri.

"Lighting", says Kevin Brown, Lighting Department Supervisor for the Manchester EXPO, "is the jewelry of the home." I couldn't agree more.

Pendants are a scaled-down alternative to chandeliers. Clustered in a corner or over a dining table they can add the same drama and light, but provide an updated look. They come in an array of choices of sizes and styles at a variety of price points.

My eyes are taken-in by the glow and sparkle of glass. Consider the practical version of polyethylene polymer that won't break, but look just like glass!

These woven shades at the EXPO caught my eye. Consider how woven pendant lights can be a new twist on the often-used and popular woven blinds and rugs. The woven shades also caught my attention for the affordable price - most were priced under $100.

For more on pendant lighting, check out Jamila Robinson's article: Make a Light Switch.

Let me help you make the "switch" to pendant lighting!

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